Rin Windsland is a trained actor who took their BA Hons in acting at Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts. Rin loves working with performances and stage direction and has done voice acting for several projects by Shades of Vengeance, such as videos for kickstarters and now recently the audio book Declaration: The Bug Wars.

Rin is also a cosplayer and has done voice acting for several cosplay performances (for other cosplayers as well as their own), and competed in several performance based cosplay competitions, both in Norway and abroad. They has represented Norway in the Nordic Cosplay Championship in Sweden, 2016, and at EuroCosplay in London, 2017.

As a coach, they have held several acting and performance workshops at conventions, one at Oslo Public Library and one for children at Biblo Tøyen. They have also coached Heresetai Cosplay for several performances, all of which have won prices at both national and international events.